Ontario Provides Nearly $33,000 to Huron – Bruce Agricultural and Horticultural Societies

April 9, 2022

The Ontario Government is providing $32,737.92 to support the agricultural and horticultural societies in Huron – Bruce. Today’s news was shared by Lisa Thompson, MPP for Huron – Bruce. This investment will help these organizations continue to operate and support their important efforts to educate people about the value and significance of agriculture in the province.

“The agricultural and horticultural societies in Huron – Bruce have traditionally done so much for our local communities, and I look forward to them continuing to make significant contributions,” said Lisa Thompson, MPP for Huron – Bruce. “From main street beautification projects, to hosting annual agricultural fairs, that provide important entertainment and agricultural education events, our local horticultural and agricultural societies celebrate the best of the best in community spirit as well as homecraft initiatives such as baking and crafts through to livestock and crops. Our government understands the critical role that agricultrual and horticultural societies play in our communities.”

The funding is part of the Agricultural and Horticultural Support and Recovery

Funding Initiative.

Locally, the following societies will receive:

  • Auburn Horticultural Society: $1,000
  • Bayfield Agricultural Society:$1,325.68
  • Brussels Agricultural Society: $1,076.68
  • Brussels and District Horticultural Society: $1,000
  • Clinton Horticultural Society: $1,000
  • Dungannon Agricultural Society: $1,011.29
  • Goderich & District Horticultural Society: $1,000
  • Hensall & Community Horticultural Society: $1,000
  • Howick Agricultural Society: $1,125.80
  • Huron Central Agricultural Society: $2,395.70
  • Kincardine & District Horticultural Society: $1,000
  • Kincardine Agricultural Society: $1,225.05
  • Kirkton Agricultural Society: $1,790.73
  • Kirkton Horticultural society: $1,000
  • Lucknow & District Horticultural society: $1,000
  • Lucknow Agricultural Society: $1,000
  • Mildmay Agricultural Society: $1,292.88
  • Ripley & District Horticultural Society: $1,000
  • Ripley Agricultural Society will receive $2,786.54
  • Seaforth & District Horticultural Society: $1,000
  • Seaforth Agricultural Society: $1,000
  • Teeswater Agricultural Society: $1,000
  • Teeswater-Culross Horticultural Society: $1,000
  • Tiverton Agricultural Society: $1,284
  • Walkerton Agricultural Society: $1,423.57
  • Wingham Horticultural Society: $1,000
  • Zurich Agricultural Society: $1,000

This new funding builds on previous investments of more than $7 million to assist these organizations across the province over the past two years. 

There are two streams to this round of funding:

  •  Base Support Funding will be issued to all eligible Agricultural and Horticultural Societies through funding payments of $1,000 as a means of supporting their continued incorporation and activities.
  • Hardship Funding for eligible Agricultural Societies will provide additional support which will be based on reported gate revenues from 2019. This will help off-set operating losses, liabilities, and fixed overhead costs related to land and buildings.

Agricultural and Horticultural Societies play a critical role in educating Ontarians on the importance of agriculture and celebrating a rural way of life. Supporting this important sector, at this time, will ensure the long traditions and economic contributions of the societies will continue and strengthen as the province manages the impacts of COVID-19 and moves forward into the future.