Ontario Awarding Victim Support Grant to Town of Goderich

Province supporting victims and survivors of intimate partner violence/domestic violence, human trafficking and child exploitation

September 20, 2023

GODERICH – The Ontario government is investing more than $4 million across the province to help support victims and survivors of intimate partner violence/domestic violence, human trafficking, and child exploitation. The funding is being delivered through the Victim Support Grant program and includes $100,000 for Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) in the town of Goderich.  

OPP in Goderich will enhance knowledge and support for victims/survivors of intimate partner violence, as well as focus on the urgent need to address the rising incidents of gender-based violence within the community through preventative awareness, community engagement, and collaborative efforts.

“Ensuring that victims receive the supports they need is key to the healing process,” said Lisa Thompson MPP for Huron – Bruce. “The Victim Support Grant is one of many actions taken by our government in an effort to combat crime and ensure public safety across Ontario”

“Support for victims and survivors is a crucial first step to recovery,” said Solicitor General Michael Kerzner. “This important grant is part of our government’s plan to combat violent crime on our streets and ensure that victims are not left behind.”

The Victim Support Grant (VSG) is part of Ontario’s Guns, Gangs and Violence Reduction Strategy and complements the province’s $307 million Anti-Human Trafficking Strategy, 2020-2025 and Combating Human Trafficking Act, 2021.


  • The VSG can be used for a variety of projects and initiatives, including specialized training for law enforcement, culturally responsive education and awareness campaigns, and purchasing technology and equipment to enhance police investigations and provide survivors with the option to complete interviews remotely.
  • projects being funded across the province, 19 will focus on intimate partner violence and domestic violence, five on human trafficking, three on child exploitation, and 18 that will focus on all three areas.



Sam McCormick
MPP Lisa Thompson’s Office