Thompson Secures Meeting with Environment Minister for Resident Impacted by IWTs

QUEEN’S PARK – In Question Period on Tuesday, Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson successfully arranged a meeting between the Environment Minister and Ashfield resident Joan Black, to discuss the negative effects of Industrial Wind Turbines (IWTs) that she has been living with and what can be done to alleviate them.

“I’m pleased Joan was able to sit down with the Minister today and share what she has had to live through. It’s important that the concerns of everyone living with the negative impacts of IWTs are directly brought to the Minister,” said Thompson. “She and many others write to the Minister on a regular basis to report on elements such as wind speeds, the negative impact, and time of day. He needs to start taking their voices and their concerns seriously, and it is time once and for all for the Minister to take action.”

In her question to the Minister, Thompson referenced a letter dated April 24th, written by Ms. Black and fellow resident Carla Stachura to the Minister, highlighting the shortcomings in the newly-implemented “Compliance Protocol for Wind Turbine Noise”, and what can be done to correct them. It cites that the new protocols are still using testing methods that have been criticized. The protocols also fail to consider important data such as resident input, infrasound, interior readings within the house, and appropriate timing of testing (to minimize the level of ambient noises).

“The Minister himself responded to my previous line of questioning‎ by saying ‘that no one should suffer’. But people have seen their electricity bills increase drastically while others living close to IWTs have experienced additional problems — since the introduction of the Green Energy Act — and they will continue to, as long as the Minister continues on this path of inaction. I’m glad he met with Joan, but that’s still a long way from resolving the issue of excessive IWT noise. More needs to be done, and I will continue to work for a resolution,” concluded Thompson.

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