Will the Minister walk his talk in response to Thompson’s call for the government to shut down all IWTs out of compliance with noise protocols

QUEEN’S PARK– Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson called on the Environment Minister today to shut down all Industrial Wind Turbines (IWTs) that are out of compliance with noise regulations and do right by Ontarians based on the concrete data his Ministry has collected. Glen Murray, the Minister for Environment and Climate Change came back claiming that there is a process in place to quickly deal with noise concerns, which does not match the experience in communities forced to endure negative impacts from IWTs.

Finally, after years of waiting, two Huron-Bruce families have received confirmation of what they knew all along, that IWTs near their homes are exceeding Ministry of Environment noise guidelines.

The results of the tests, released on April 7th, indicated that noise levels were above Ministry guidelines, and acknowledged the possibility that tonal noises are being produced. The Ministry recommended further tests, which could take years to complete.

Lisa Thompson, the MPP for Huron-Bruce asked the Minister of Environment to acknowledge the noise testing results and demanded that the turbines in question be turned off immediately.

Minister Murray refused, only said that the law is being enforced, and complaints are dealt with “quickly.” What does “quickly” mean to this Liberal Government?

“It has taken 2 years get these results. The next round of testing could take at least another year and a half,” said Thompson. I don’t know what this Minister thinks quick means, but suffering for 3 and a half years before anything gets done doesn’t sound quick to me.”

“The Black and Stachura families as well as other families across Ontario have been suffering for far too long from the impacts of IWTs which were built too close to their homes.” said Thompson. “The Minister needs to acknowledge the test results and once and for all do right by the people of Ontario affected by industrial wind turbines.”

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