Statement from MPP Thompson on Safer School Zones Act

The following is a statement from Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson regarding concerns that the PC Party of Ontario has with Bill 65, the Safer School Zones Act:

“We all, unequivocally, stand united in the need for safe school zones throughout Ontario‎, but where the PCs and the Liberals fundamentally differ is in how we achieve that. We voted against Bill 65 because in reality, it is just a backdoor means of bringing photo radar back to Ontario—which was originally introduced by Bob Rae’s NDP government in 1994, and  scrapped by the PC government in 1995.

“The government’s failure to define what a ‘community safety zone’ is in the Bill means that a photo radar trap could be set up anywhere throughout Huron-Bruce.

The Ontario PC Party is not going to play this political game, and shame on the Liberals for using our children, cyclists and community safety as a shield for yet another one of their cash grabs.”

– 30 –

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