Thompson Disappointed Motion to Prohibit Industrial Wind Turbine Development in Unwilling Communities Was Defeated By Liberals

QUEEN’S PARK – Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson is disappointed that another PC Motion in the Legislature today, one that called on the government to stop forcing Industrial Wind Turbine (IWT) developments on unwilling host communities, was defeated in a recorded vote by the Liberals.

The motion, which was introduced by Niagara West-Glanbrook MPP Sam Oosterhoff, stated that: “In the opinion of this House, the Government should place a moratorium on the installation of industrial wind turbines in unwilling host communities in the Province of Ontario.”

The Liberals have once again proven that they have no interest in respecting local municipalities and their residents. Opposing the motion put forward by MPP Oosterhoff shows that they continue to be more concerned with representing the interests of wind companies than they are the people that elected them,” said Thompson. “It’s shameful. 93 municipalities in Ontario have passed resolutions opposing these developments in their areas, including the majority of municipalities in Huron-Bruce, yet they’re still being rammed through by this government.

At an appearance in Kingston in March 2016 where renewable energy projects were being discussed, the Premier went on record saying, “We never said there was going to be a veto for municipalities….” Her Deputy Premier, Deb Matthews is also on record in Kingston as stating, “The local voice does matter, but we are not prepared to give people a veto.”

“The Liberals can’t have it both ways. They can’t say they value the input of local residents and then vote against a motion like this. Either they feel our voices matter, or they don’t. The results of today’s vote clearly show that we don’t matter to them,” concluded Thompson.


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