Thompson Once Again Calls on Liberals to Scrap Drive Clean

QUEEN’S PARK – The Liberals are using the surplus from Drive Clean—our own money—to pay for the e-test fee, when they should be scrapping the program altogether, says Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson.

The Drive Clean program, which costs $60 million annually to run, is now being covered by the surplus gouged from Ontarians who have been arbitrarily forced to participate in the program in the past. Simply put, the Liberals have removed visibility of the fee, but not the fee itself.

“We’ve been calling on the Liberals for six years to scrap this defunct program, ever since we found out that they have been collecting a surplus from Drive Clean,” said Thompson. “That surplus never should have existed in the first place. We don’t the Premier and her Environment Minister using it to lower e-test fees; what we need is for this government to shut down Drive Clean and return the surplus money to the people that were over-charged by the Liberals.”

In his 2012 Annual Report, former Auditor General Jim McCarter found that vehicle emissions reductions since 1999 are due to improved technology, not Drive Clean.

“The program achieved what it was designed to do. More than 95 percent of vehicles are now passing the test. It was never meant to be a mainstay. It’s time to scrap it, not continue using it as a Liberal talking point.”

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