EDITORIAL: With a spring in our step, it’s time to stand up for Ontario

With spring just around the corner, we’re looking ahead towards getting back outdoors, planting season, and of course, hopefully seeing some Canadian teams in the NHL playoffs.

Sadly, there is something just around the corner we must be wary of – the Wynne Liberals just signed all of us up for a new mortgage and $25 Billion of new interest payments. This terrible decision won’t just affect us, it will be paid by our children, and our grandchildren too.

The Wynne Liberals supposedly “fixed” their hydro crisis by doing nothing to change their behaviour, instead just choosing to borrow more money. The Premier even admitted that her new hydro plan would cost “a bit more.” Although I disagree that $25 billion is just “a bit.”

It’s like buying a new $20,000 car on credit, and then claiming that you saved $20,000. That’s not how it works, and the Premier has none of us fooled.

This ploy to save her polling numbers has failed. Just last week, the Premier’s approval rating was 11%.

Meanwhile, the Wynne Liberals are continuing to make the same bad decisions that got us to this hydro crisis in the first place. They have outright refused to stop signing green energy contracts.

In fact, the very next day after their big hydro announcement, the Wynne Liberals signed more green energy contracts for electricity that we know we don’t need, nor can we afford.

And on top of that, the Premier continues to ignore the health impacts that wind turbines have on human health, not to mention the environmental impacts like bird and bat kills.

There are still LRP 1 projects that have not received notices to proceed, and others are not progressing because of cases before the Environmental Review Tribunal. We already know we do not need that electricity. It’s simple, just don’t build.

The hydro crisis in this province is completely unacceptable, and while any relief is welcomed at this point, lowering bills by borrowing money and signing new contracts is definitely proof the government of the day just doesn’t get it. Ontario needs a party that will show leadership on energy.

The Ontario PC’s will stop signing bad green energy contracts, we’ll scrap the Green Energy Act, we’ll stop the fire sale for Hydro One, and we’ll reign in the exorbitant executive salaries. On top of that we are in the process of the most comprehensive policy development process in decades to get the very best ideas from the grassroots of the Party.

The Ontario PC Party will work tirelessly to make sure the Premier doesn’t get away with her new hydro scheme. This spring, I am looking forward to standing up for fairness, transparency, and for the people of Huron-Bruce and across Ontario.

– Lisa Thompson, MPP for Huron-Bruce

Lisa Thompson was elected as MPP for Huron-Bruce in 2011 and subsequently in 2014. She is a member of the Ontario PC Caucus and currently serves as the Critic for international Trade, as well as Critic for Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation.


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