Statement from MPP Lisa Thompson on MOECC Staff Falsifying Data

The following is a statement from PC Environment and Cap-and-Trade Critic Lisa Thompson in light of findings by Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner (IPC) that submissions of false FOI compliance statistics were made by MOECC staff:

“A startling revelation today by the IPC has revealed that MOECC staff, rather than addressing FOI requests in a timely manner, have been routinely adjusting the dates of when requests were submitted in their tracking system for half a decade. The results have been highly inflated compliance statistics that are not at all reflective of real-world practices.

“People are tired of this government; they can’t trust it, and Premier Wynne and her Cabinet are giving us more and more reasons each day not to have faith in them. The Minister of Environment must accept responsibility for this blatant attempt to cover up poor performance and needs to ensure that this type of irresponsible, unethical violation doesn’t happen again.

“What’s more, this is the Ministry that is about to oversee the Liberals’ $8.3 billion cap-and-trade cash grab. If they can’t be honest about responding to a simple FOI request, what makes them think they have any business collecting billions of dollars from Ontarians?”

The Information and Privacy Commissioner’s Annual Report can be found here:

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