Statement from MPP Lisa Thompson on Electricity Rates

The following is a statement from MPP for Huron-Bruce Lisa Thompson regarding yesterday’s announcement from the Ontario Energy Board that electricity rates will not increase in November:

“Yesterday the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) revealed that they would not be implementing the increase to hydro rates scheduled for November 1st, and while it might act as a temporary band-aid to the problem, it provides no permanent solution to Ontario’s continuing electricity crisis.

“The Liberals’ piece-meal approach to such an important issue is shameful. If they were serious about making a real difference for Ontarians, they would work on a long-term solution that would address what has already caused electricity bills to escalate so living and operating a business in Ontario is more affordable.

“As it stands, they have railroaded communities with their Green Energy boondoggle, left the province on the hook for a billion dollars as a result of their cancelled gas plants, and according to the Auditor General over-charged Ontarians $37 billion over 8 years for energy we didn’t need and in some cases sold to other jurisdictions at a loss.

“Over and above that, earlier this week, Opposition Leader Patrick Brown questioned the Minister of Energy in regards to spending $9 million of the Ontario Energy Support Program on consultants. Another $2.5 million was spent on advertising to promote the program.

“The Ontario Energy Support Program was designed to assist seniors, those on fixed incomes and in poverty pay their electricity bills. It is funded through a levy all Ontario residents pay on their electricity bills.

“With so much mismanagement on the energy file, it’s little wonder people have lost trust in this government.

“The Liberals think the flashbulbs from their photo-ops will dazzle Ontarians into believing that they care before the next by-election. Well the truth is, Ontarians aren’t fooled. They are still having to choose between heating and eating, and still struggling to keep the lights on at home.”

– 30 –

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