PC Environment and Cap-and-Trade Critic Lisa Thompson gets an apology from the Premier for “Bad Actor” comments

QUEEN’S PARK – Premier Wynne apologized in the Legislature today for her comments last week where she scolded Ontarians for being “bad actors” on the environment. The Premier was asked by Ontario PC Environment and Cap-and-Trade Critic Lisa Thompson for an apology during Question Period due to the widespread displeasure across the province stemming from these comments.

The Premier’s comments came as Ontario ratepayers struggle with hydro rates, which are set to rise again on November 1st despite the fact that ratepayers are already shouldering the burden of some of the highest electricity rates in North America. On top of that, small business owners are still wondering why they are seeing the debt retirement charge on their business bills when the charge has been removed from their home energy bills.

“How dare the Premier claim Ontarians are bad actors, when the Premier’s bad policies and wasteful spending continue to hurt their pocketbooks?” Thompson asked.

Just last week, an international tribunal ruling put Ontario taxpayers on the hook for another $28 million for a seat-saver offshore wind project cancellation. This is just the most recent case of the Liberal government’s mismanagement.

“If the Premier actually spoke and listened to the people of Ontario, she would have known that Ontarians are pitching in, doing what they can to help out the environment,” added Thompson. “The Premier’s apology shows that she agreed that she should not have been scolding the people of Ontario.”

The Premier’s apology goes to show that she should not be so flippant about serious issues. As we continue to focus on credible emissions reductions, the government needs to ensure that sustainable efforts to reduce emissions are realized in a revenue neutral way.

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