Ontarians not fooled by the Premier’s shell games

The following is a statement from Ontario PC Critic for Environment and Cap-and-Trade Lisa Thompson on the Premier’s cap-and-trade shell game:

“Ontarians are not fooled by Premier Wynne’s most recent shell game. In yesterday’s Throne Speech, the Liberal Government disingenuously promised a rebate equal to the provincial portion of the HST from Ontario electricity bills starting on January 1st.

“There was a glaring omission, though. What was not mentioned in the Throne Speech is that on the very same day Ontarians see this so-called rebate on their bills, their costs will be going up due to the Liberal cap-and-trade scheme. These hidden costs will be realized on gasoline, natural gas, and, you guessed it, electricity. This is in addition to electricity rates going up on November 1st which will render the new rebate a wash.

“Sadly, when pressed on the issue in the legislature today, the Liberals merely congratulated themselves for a band-aid solution that does nothing to address the true underlying drivers of high energy costs in the province. We will continue to see Liberal mismanagement of the energy file, expensive energy contracts we don’t need, and a cash grab cap-and-trade scheme.

“What’s even more outrageous is the fact that the government plans on legislating the rebate to be included as an item on electricity bills. Meanwhile the government is hiding cap-and-trade costs from Ontarians by refusing to include the new fees as a line item on home heating bills.

“It is time for the government to acknowledge the energy crisis in this province. Real action is needed, not empty gestures in the wake of a tough by-election loss.

“Ontarians are not fooled. They know energy prices will only continue to rise under this government’s watch. The Premier cannot hide or subsidize her way out of the mess she has made on energy; Ontarians will continue to pay more due to her mismanagement.”

You can view Lisa’s question here:


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