Liberal MPP Misrepresents Financial Accountability Officer’s Opinion

QUEEN’S PARK- The Liberal MPP for Beaches-East York should apologize to the Financial Accountability Officer for claiming the Liberals consulted with him on changes to the proposed Cap-and-Trade legislation, when nothing of the sort happened, says PC Critic for Environment and Cap-and-Trade Lisa Thompson.

In response to comments made in the Legislature Tuesday by MPP Arthur Potts, Financial Accountability Officer (FAO) Stephen LeClair drafted a letter to the Chair of the Standing Committee on General Government, saying that, “…the government did not consult [him] on the addition of the reporting requirement,” and that the, “…clause as adopted is not consistent with what [he] recommended to the Committee in [his] testimony.” Mr. LeClair concluded by saying, “…the member misrepresented my opinion and level of participation…”.

“I was shocked to hear the member for Beaches-East York twist the words of the Financial Accountability Officer and claim that he consulted with Mr. LeClair – when, in reality, no consultations ever took place,” said MPP Thompson.

In April, the FAO testified before Committee that, as the Bill was written, he would not have access to relevant documents related to Cap-and-Trade.

“Our Party was listening to the FAO when he submitted his recommendation, and we put forward an amendment to allow him access, but the Liberals chose to vote it down,” said Thompson. “Instead, they replaced it with a vaguely worded change of their own that provides no guarantees, and claimed they had done their due-diligence.”

You can view Lisa’s question to the Minister here:

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