Liberals are failing to commit to the long-term operation of Demonstration Schools

QUEEN’S PARK – The Liberal government is refusing to commit to the long-term operation of the province’s demonstration schools and the special programming they offer, despite heartfelt testimonials from students who have benefitted from them, says Lisa Thompson, MPP for Huron-Bruce.

“Schools like Robarts and Amethyst have given young people the opportunities to build their skills and confidence in order to look ahead optimistically to the future,” said Thompson. “Last Friday, a mom told me her daughter, while sitting in a room full of her classmates, knowing that she wasn’t like the rest of the students because she needed different techniques to learn, never felt more alone. That’s not the inclusion she deserves – this young lady wants to learn among her peers.”

In Question Period, the Minister of Education refused to address whether schools like Robarts and Amethyst would remain open beyond the 2016/2017 academic year, saying no decisions have been made.

“With the Liberals’ announcement yesterday that they would be reversing their decision to stop enrollment for the upcoming academic year, it clearly demonstrates a lack of confidence in their own decision-making processes. We just cannot trust them to get it right” Thompson said. “The government needs to commit to families that these schools will remain open for the long-term, so that they can plan for their children’s futures. The families at Queen’s Park today and across Huron-Bruce deserve better.”

You can view Lisa’s question to the Minister here:

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