Liberals fail to present credible plan to tackle climate challenge

QUEEN’S PARK – The Liberal government has failed to present a credible plan to Ontarians that will effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions while protecting taxpayers and our economy, says Lisa Thompson, MPP for Huron-Bruce and PC Environment and Cap-and-Trade Critic.

“Instead Kathleen Wynne wants to introduce a new tax on gasoline and home-heating to raise $1.9 billion in new revenue as a way to pay for years of government waste, and a long list of pet-projects out of the Liberals’ new cap-and-trade slush fund,” Thompson said. “And you don’t just have to take my word for it. Former Liberal Finance Minister Greg Sorbara has come out and clearly stated that the Premier’s cap-and-trade scheme is a new tax to raise money for the government.”

On the Agenda last week, Sorbara took his former government colleagues to task when he said, “Although the [Finance] Minister said there are no tax increases, the fact is that there’s a $1.9-billion increase.”

Sorbara also admitted that “there’s no evidence, anywhere in the world, that [cap-and-trade] actually does work to significantly reduce carbon emissions.” He concluded his comments by saying he will remain “skeptical about the whole scheme” until he sees evidence cap-and-trade can actually be effective.

“The Liberals’ cap-and-trade scheme is a cash-grab in the name of the environment – plain and simple,” Thompson said. “Ontarians expect their government to tackle climate change and effectively reduce emissions in a way that keeps heating and fuel costs affordable for families and businesses.”


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