Auditor General’s Report Proves Liberal Incompetence

Queen’s Park– The Auditor General’s Report, issued yesterday, has confirmed what MPP for Huron-Bruce Lisa Thompson and the PC Caucus have been saying all along: the Liberals are just not in it for Ontarians.

The Auditor General’s report raised concerns about Ontario’s skyrocketing debt, which when broken down, is equal to each Ontarian owing $23,000.

The Auditor General also confirmed there is no Government plan to pay off current or future debt, and raised concerns about the cost of interest payments, which is currently higher than the amount the province spends on post-secondary education.

Another concern identified was the cost of electricity. The report found that consumers have already paid $37 billion above the market price for electricity, and are expected to pay $133 billion more between 2015 and 2032.

“Taxpayers continue to bear the brunt of the Liberal government’s inability to manage essential public services efficiently or even appropriately,” said Thompson. “No wonder Ontarians continue to pay some of the highest prices for hydro in North America”.

The Auditor General also discussed the province’s overproduction of electricity.

From 2009 to 2014 the province has overproduced by 5,160 MW per year – enough to cover the generation capacity of the entire province of Manitoba.

It was also reported that Hydro One mislead the Ontario Energy Board when asking for rate increases by not completing projects they said they wanted revenue for.

“The Ontario Public has the right to know why their hydro rates are skyrocketing. It’s a shame that this is the last report we will have into Hydro One,” said Thompson.


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