MPP Thompson on Ontario Looking at Buying Newfoundland Power

Quotes from MPP Thompson on Ontario looking to buy power from Newfoundland:

‎”While the Premier looks to other jurisdictions for cheap power, she is failing to deal with the hydro mess she has created in her own backyard.”

“We already know the Liberal’s misguided sale of Hydro One will raise electricity rates in Ontario, while the ORPP tax and cap-and-trade system will also cut into family budgets. Clearly, Ontario cannot afford this Liberal government.”

‎”It is ironic that the Premier is looking to other jurisdictions for cheap power after her own government locked in renewable energy contacts with subsides that Ontarians cannot afford, for an energy source that we don’t need. The Premier is not getting the basic economics of supply and demand. And who’s paying for that? Ontarians.”

“Ontario already has a surplus of electricity that it sells at discount rates to neighbouring states and province’s for a loss. While our neighbours benefit from discount prices, businesses in Ontario are shuttering their windows and moving out.”

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