Ombudsman Report Leaves Ontarians in the Dark

Queen’s Park- This week, the Ontario Ombudsman released his report on Hydro One billing practices, a report he launched after PC MPP Randy Hillier urged him to look into after the Ombudsman office received over 10,700 complaints. The scathing report is indictment on how Hydro One deals with its customers, reflecting directly on the Liberal Government’s disregard for the people of Ontario. It is frustrating to note that the majority of these complaints are from rural communities proving Hydro One is showing a complete disregard for ratepayers outside of major urban centres.

“This report is just another example of how this government can’t manage any large projects. From eHelath to Smart Meters, it is proven that this government is incapable of properly managing processes, resulting in wasted taxpayer dollars which continues to grow mistrust of Wynne’s Liberal Government ,” said Thompson.

The report outlined some extreme examples such as one corporate customer who was billed $15 million rather than $4,034.

The Ombudsman’s report explained an individual from Goderich only realized that something was wrong with her rate classification when she compared bills with her neighbors. She had set up a new account in June 2013 in her name, and Hydro One had mistakenly reclassified the property as general service. Despite numerous phone calls and three letters, it did not correct the account and only issued her a credit in January 2014.”

In March 2014, a senior from Huron-Bruce contacted the Ombudsman when a call centre agent told her she could not get a full refund for an overpayment. Hydro One later agreed to provide a refund, but told her it would take four to six weeks.  It eventually gave her a four-month credit, and assured the Ombudsman that as of late April 2014, refunds should only take three to five business days to process.

“These types of issues are unacceptable. There are some serious issues with Hydro One billing practices and the blame falls on the Minister of Energy,” concluded Thompson.


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