Hydro Rates The Highest in Canada

Queen’s Park- Today, hundreds gathered outside Queen’s Park to express their frustration with the Liberal government’s unaffordable hydro rates.
“People came from across the province, including Huron-Bruce to tell the government that enough is enough”, said Thompson.

MPP Thompson joined by Huron-Bruce constituents Norma Schmidt (Tiverton) and Patti Kellar (St.Joseph) outside Queen’s Park today at the Hydro Rally that attracted hundreds from across the province.  

Ontario currently has the highest hydro rates in Canada.
Since the Liberals formed the government, hydro rates have tripled, rising by $1,000 per year for the average homeowner.
If you don’t qualify for the low-income supplement, your hydro bill will increase another $205 per year starting as of May 1st.
“This government has put Ontarians in a situation where they are choosing between heating or eating.The Liberals failed Green Energy Act and disastrous energy policies have led to the most expensive electricity in the country, it is unacceptable”, said Thompson.


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