Sensible PC Solution the Liberals Should Adopt in Budget to Help Ontario

Queen’s Park-  Today, the Ontario PC Caucus presented a motion asking the Legislative Assembly to agree that the 2015 budget should include its five asks to ensure that Ontario begins to move in a more positive economic direction.

 “The five items we presented are all reasonable, sensible solutions to the challenges facing Ontario today,” stated MPP Lisa Thompson,  “It is only by taking decisive steps such as these that we will make any headway and spare the people of Ontario additional tax burdens.”

During the last few weeks, the PC Caucus has highlighted five policies that they are asking the government to include in its budget.  They are:  cancel the proposed Ontario Retirement Pension Plan;  stop their cap and trade tax on everything;  fixing the home care system and tying funding to results;  having a serious, credible and detailed plan to balance the budget by 2017-18;  and committing to lower energy prices.

“We challenge the Liberal government to accept these suggestions in an effort to decrease the financial burdens the people of Ontario currently carry or may be forced to deal with in the months ahead,” said Thompson.  “By embracing the direction we have identified the province will begin to turn the corner, and stop gouging people’s wallets”.


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