Thompson Continues to Press the Liberals on their “Pay to Pollute” Scheme

Queen’s Park- Today, MPP for Huron-Bruce and Critic for the Environment and Climate Change Lisa Thompson asked the Liberal government for the third time this week how their proposed “Pay to Pollute” scheme will affect families in Rural Ontario.

On Monday, the Premier admitted her carbon tax will increase gas at least 3 cents a litre, this will cost Ontarians an additional $700 million a year.

“Most Rural Ontarians have to drive a car to work or school every day, regardless of the cost of gas, they don’t have a choice. This further proves the disconnect between this Liberal government and Rural Ontario, it’s absolutely unacceptable”, said Thompson.


Thompson Questions Liberals
Thompson Questions Liberals “Pay to Pollute” Plan

The idea of a carbon tax on everything in Ontario stems from a European Cap and Trade model.

“This isn’t the first time the Liberals have copied a European energy plan before they saw the evidence. This is the Green Energy Act 2.0, which caused hydro rates to skyrocket and continues to cost Ontario households $1,100 a year”, explained Thompson.

“The degree with which this government has lost touch with reality is mind boggling. The only party that is standing up for Ontario taxpayers in the legislature is the Ontario PCs”, explained Thompson.


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