Cap and Trade: A Cash Grab That Will Force Ontarians to Make Sacrifices

Queen’s Park – The proposed cap and trade program will be a tax on everything and is a cash grab by the government that will force families to have to make sacrifices, said PC Environment and Climate Change Critic Lisa Thompson.  “You’re feeding your spending addiction from the pocketbooks of hard working Ontarians.  What will be the true cost to Ontario families and what will they have to sacrifice next?” Thompson asked.

This policy has even been called a tax by the Premier, PC House Leader Steve Clark pointed out.  “Yesterday the Premier said ‘Call it carbon pricing, cap and trade, a market mechanism…if you must, go ahead and call it a tax’…I am glad we agree on something,” said Clark.  He also raised the fact that Economic Development , Employment and Infrastructure Minister Brad Duguid said that the tax will take money out of companies’ hands and put it in government coffers.  “This will mean fewer jobs.  That will be the legacy of your carbon tax.  How many jobs will be lost?” asked Clark.

Thompson also stated that there are other options that should be looked at and she and her colleagues cannot support another irresponsible tax.


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