Liberal’s Cap and Trade Proposal- A Tax by Any Other Name

Queen’s Park- The Liberal government is trying to introduce yet another tax onto the people of Ontario by proposing a cap and trade system, PC Environment critic Lisa Thompson said today.  “No matter what they call it – cap and trade or a carbon tax – it’s going to increase costs on everything from groceries to fuel.”

Thompson was responding to reports that the Environment Minister will be taking a cap and trade proposal to cabinet within the next week.

“This government has a history of lurching from one idea to another, all of which are supposed to save the environment but in the end do nothing except take money from taxpayers’ pockets.  From $2 billion spent on smart meters that didn’t result in conserving energy to the exorbitant costs of trying to implement green energy initiatives, they have never developed a plan that has worked,” stated Thompson.

 “All that happens is that homeowners and businesses pay more – such as almost $700 more per year under the Green Energy Act – without any environmental benefit.”

Cap and trade systems have been tried in other jurisdictions around the world and found to be lacking.  The European experience shows that this type of system destroys industry and passes costs on to consumers.  In the United States, various states which have introduced a cap and trade system have used the revenues for other priorities, and not for the environmental purposes that were originally planned.

“In Ontario, we already pay some of the highest energy rates in North America.  Further increasing these rates through a cap and trade system – a tax by any other name – will drive families into a heat-or-eat situation,” said Thompson.


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