Liberal Deficit is No Joke

Queen’s Park- This week, Finance Minister Charles Sousa announced the deficit to be at a staggering $10.9 billion dollars. The deficit has been on the rise over the last decade, and since 2013 it has increased from $9.2 billion to $10.9 billion.

“This is no joke; the Liberals are trying to fool Ontarians into believing they are on the right track with their finances, when this is not the case at all. The Auditor General warned that ‘Ontario’s debt continues to grow faster than the province’s economy, which could have negative implications for the province’s finances’ ”, explained Thompson.

Under the Liberal mismanagement Ontario is now spending $29 million more per day than it is bringing into the economy.

“We are heading in the wrong direction and it is a sad reality that Ontarians are now facing. As debt continues to grow, we will see deeper cuts in front-line services such as healthcare and education”, said Thompson.

Thompson suggested the government listen to experts such as the Conference Board of Canada, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and Moody’s when they say there is a serious problem in the province.  The Liberals must change course – yet so far, we haven’t seen evidence they’re prepared to do so.


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