Ontario Cannot Afford a Carbon Tax

Queen’s Park – The Ontario PC Caucus today asked the government to commit to not levying another misguided tax on the people of Ontario, specifically a carbon tax.  This is the second in a series of commitments the PC Caucus is asking of the government in advance of its budget.

Speaking on behalf of her party, PC Environment and Climate Change Critic Lisa Thompson discussed the financial burden a carbon tax has placed on residents and businesses in locations where it has been introduced.

MPP Thompson asks Liberal Government to Commit to No Carbon Tax

“In B.C. the carbon tax is costing farmers an extra $4,300 a year and in Australia it raised energy prices by 9%.  A carbon tax is simply a cost Ontario’s residents and businesses cannot afford.  Ontarians already pay some of the highest energy costs in North America and a carbon tax will only further drive jobs out of this province.”

Additionally, Thompson charged that the consultations the government has been holding about Ontario’s Climate Change Strategy are really just a cover for the next tax they will be putting on the people of the province.

“In last year’s election the only thing you said to the people of Ontario about a carbon tax is that you wouldn’t implement one,” said Thompson.  She asked whether the Premier would stick to her promise and commit to not introducing a new tax.


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