Are Liberals Climate Change Consultations Disingenuous?

Queen’s Park – Today, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Glen Murray, will begin consultations on Ontario’s Climate Change Discussion Paper. Ontario PC Critic for the Environment and Climate Change, Lisa Thompson is questioning just how serious the Minister is about the public’s input.

“These consultations are nothing more than a smokescreen to distract from the fact that the Minister has already made up his mind on a carbon tax”, stated Thompson.

Just yesterday at the ROMA/OGRA 2015 Conference, the Minister was outlining specific aspects of the new carbon tax he has yet to begin public consultation on. Thought to be a major topic of discussion during climate change consultations, it appears the Minister has already crafted his policy.

Thompson was unsurprised by the Minister’s lack of interest in the public’s opinion saying, “If the Liberals truly valued the input of Ontarians, they would have been forthright with their intentions to impose a carbon tax during the June election”.

“Polls already show that a majority of Ontarians do not want a carbon tax”, said Thompson in response to research published by Forum Research last month. “However it appears the government wasn’t listening and has no intention to start”.

With the decision already made to implement a carbon tax, Ontario residents should expect a substantial increase in the cost of living. “Prices won’t just be up at the pump and on your heating bill”, warned Thompson, “a tax on carbon, is a tax on everything and that will be represented by increasing costs to all consumer products”.


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