Questions Surround Great Lakes Protection Act

Queen’s Park- Today, the Liberal government reintroduced the Great Lakes Protection Act  for the third time in the Legislature.

Critic for the Environment and Climate Change, MPP Lisa Thompson had a briefing this afternoon with ministry staff to discuss the proposed legislation.

“I left with more questions than when I came in. Issues surrounding the funding of Geographically-Focussed Initiatives (GFIs) and the composition of the Guardian Council remain unclear. The Ministry staff confirmed there would be no money for this initiative in the 2015 budget. I worry associated costs will be downloaded on the already overburdened municipalities”, said Thompson.

Thompson then went on to explain her concerns over the proposed Great Lakes Guardian Council, “Specifically, I would like to see clarification on who will comprise of the Guardian Council and how they will be selected. At present, an invitation by the Minister is required. This does not sound like an open forum for participation”.

“We all want to protect and do what is best for our Great Lakes. I sincerely hope the many amendments brought forth last year have been taken into account”, said Thompson.


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