An Open Letter to the Minister of Energy

Hon. Bob Chiarelli , Minister of Energy
900 Bay Street, 4th Floor
Hearst Block
Toronto ON M7A 2E1

Dear Minister,

I am writing an open letter to you due to the number of calls my offices are receiving from constituents experiencing problems with Hydro One.  The issues range from technical difficulties, prolonged periods of time with no bill, to power being cut off during the cold months.

There appears to be areas within Huron-Bruce having technical problems with Smart Meters and the bills either do not reflect actual usage, or billing is delayed. One couple, despite numerous calls, has not received a bill for six months. After unsuccessful attempts to resolve the matter with Hydro One customer service representatives, frustrated constituents contact my staff. These ratepayers are concerned about receiving a large bill, which may prove difficult for those on fixed incomes.

Lastly, I hear from residents, who despite their efforts to conserve energy, are seeing their electricity bills rise at an alarming rate and are quickly running out of options. What assurance can I offer seniors, the disabled and the poor against these unnecessary rate increases? When constituents tell me that they are going to have to sell their home due to high energy costs and are advising their children to leave the province, I think we have reached a crisis point. It is urgent that your government address this matter before our social safety net is overwhelmed.

Minister, could you please outline what steps your Ministry can take to rein in energy costs and to resolve these problems with accounting practices and customer relations at Hydro One?


Lisa Thompson, MPP



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