Latest Liberal Seat Saver Could Cost More Than Gas Plants

QUEEN’S PARK – The Liberals’ arbitrary moratorium on wind projects – an attempt to save Liberal seats ahead of the 2011 election – has resulted in two lawsuits that could end up costing Ontario taxpayers more than both gas plant cancellations, announced MPP Lisa Thompson today.

The Wynne government is facing lawsuits by two companies whose wind projects were cancelled as a result of the pre-election moratorium.

“It seems every other day the price tag goes up on saving Liberal seats,” said Thompson.  “If the government loses these lawsuits it could cost taxpayers $2.7 billion – on top of the $1.1 billion it cost to cancel the gas plants.”

Trillium Power Wind Corp has filed a $2.25 billion lawsuit and Windstream Energy is seeking damages in the amount of $475,230,000.  Ironically, Windstream Energy has cited the payouts for the cancellation of the Mississauga and Oakville gas plants as a reason they should be compensated.

“Aside from the callous disregard for the taxpayers who actually end up paying this bill, the Liberals’ arbitrary approach to our energy industry is chasing jobs out of our province,” said Thompson.

“The PCs have put forward a sensible approach to energy that will once again make Ontario a welcome place to invest in and create jobs.”

The PC approach relies on three key principles:

• Bringing government back to its proper, limited role in the energy sector.

• Putting an end to expensive subsidies to ensure affordable energy rates businesses and households can depend upon.

• Focusing on sources of energy that have proved reliable and affordable in Ontario – such as hydro, nuclear and natural gas.

“Enough is enough. This scandal-of-the-month government is well past its best before date.  It’s time to bring accountability and affordability back to Ontario – and bring the jobs back with them,” concluded Thompson.

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