Thompson Stands Up for Unwilling Host Communities

(Queen’s Park)—Yesterday Lisa Thompson, MPP (Huron-Bruce) stood in the Ontario Legislature and defended rural Ontarians who have been vocal about not wanting wind turbines sited in their communities.

Thompson challenged the Premier, who claims to have acted out of respect for other unwilling host communities objecting to gas plants. “More than 72 municipalities in Ontario have now declared themselves to be unwilling hosts to industrial wind turbines, but despite your promises, wind projects continue to be approved in communities that do not want them.”

This past Saturday Thompson, along with PC Energy Critic Lisa MacLeod, PC Labour Critic Monte McNaughton and PC Oil, Gas & Aggregates Critic Bob Bailey showed their support for unwilling host communities by attending the anti-wind turbine protest where about 200 tractors, trucks and cars travelled down Highway 402 to protest the Liberal governments energy scheme.

Thompson framed the issue as one of fundamental human rights. “All citizens in Ontario deserve the same rights and consideration. Since when did a person’s postal code determine whether they receive respect or contempt from this government?”

Premier Kathleen Wynne responded that the Minister of Energy is currently putting a process in place that will identify willing hosts and give communities more input into the process upfront.

Thompson noted, “The Liberal government has caused the loss of 300,000 manufacturing jobs due to their botched green energy policies, citizens are unable to pay their electricity bills and yet the Liberal government has the audacity to announce another rate hike as of November 1st.”

“Clearly Premier Wynne’s ‘one Ontario’ is a province that excludes unwilling host communities”.

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