Thompson to Premier: The Only Thing Growing in Ontario is the Energy Rates

(Queen’s Park)—Today, Lisa Thompson, MPP (Huron-Bruce) questioned the Premier on the Minister of Energy’s directive to the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) to pay wind turbine companies not to produce wind energy.

Currently, there are just over 2000 megawatts of wind power online, with over 3700 in the development phase. So while the OPA, directed by the Minister of Energy, recognizes the power is not needed and still has to pay out the contracts for the 2000 megawatts, the government is still adamant on bringing another 3700 megawatts online. Thompson questioned the Premier as to why her Liberal government is moving full steam ahead on wind turbines when the power is not needed and communities don’t want them.

“I don’t understand how the Premier can justify building more turbines in unwilling host communities when we are paying the ones we already have built not to produce a single megawatt of energy,” said Thompson. “This makes zero economic sense, and will only lead to yet another increase in energy rates. Our industries can’t afford it, families can’t afford it, and seniors on a fixed income can’t afford it.”

Thompson has spoken to key energy stakeholders who are concerned that the Premier and Minister of Energy’s on-the-fly policies are causing industry instability—and ensuring that good paying jobs are created anywhere but in Ontario.

“The industry is seriously worried, and rightfully so,” said Thompson. “They are worried for our manufacturing sector, which is avoiding setting up in Ontario because of this government’s high energy rates. This government needs to start treating energy like an economic policy, not a social policy.”

“We need a moratorium on further wind development now, before Ontario ratepayers have to reap even more of the consequences,” said Thompson.

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