Thompson Stands Up for Port Elgin Residents

(Queen’s Park)—Today Lisa Thompson, MPP (Huron-Bruce) stood in the Ontario Legislature to applaud Port Elgin residents and the Saugeen Shores Council for their strong advocacy for those impacted by the CAW wind turbine—and chastised the government for their inaction.

Approval for the CAW owned wind turbine was given years before the Liberal’s Green Energy Act was enacted. There are 117 homes within the 550 metre setback regulated by the government, but the CAW doesn’t have to abide by the rule. Some Port Elgin residents live as close as 200 metres from the turbine.

“I empathize with six families who stood before the Saugeen Shores Council on August 26th to tell their stories of their health and property value agonies since the turbine became operational,” said Thompson. “I am pleased that Council has taken their complaints seriously, and passed a motion documenting the negative effects they described and demanded that the turbine be shut down.”

Thompson has four motions in front of the Legislature right now, calling for a moratorium to be placed on the further development of wind turbines until a third party health, environmental, social and economic studies have been done. Thompson has also repeatedly called on the Minister of Finance to direct the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) to conduct a study on property values of homes with a wind turbine zone. The government has voted against all Progressive Conservative attempts to enact a moratorium, and the Minister of Finance has yet to respond to Thompson’s request—sent to his office three times.

“This Liberal government refuses to listen to impacted citizens in Port Elgin, and across the province for that matter,” said Thompson. “I hope that this statement gets their attention, and that the Ministers of Energy, Environment and Health and Long-Term Care; along with the Liberal working group on wind turbines visit Port Elgin and listen to the residents who are greatly affected by this turbine.”

“The Green Energy Act as it is written has handcuffed the Saugeen Shores Council, not allowing them to stand up for their constituents,” said Thompson. “I applaud them for their commitment to pursue the regulation of low frequency emissions. It is unfortunate this Liberal government refuses to do the same.”

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