Thompson: Funding for Energy Plans a “Liberal Distraction”

(Queen’s Park)—Liberal Energy Minister announced on Wednesday that his government is giving municipalities $90,000 to develop energy plans, but Lisa Thompson, MPP (Huron-Bruce) is cautious as to the strings attached to this money.

Energy plans would give municipalities a chance to outline its individual preference for types of energy infrastructure, ways to save money, promote conservation and other types of local energy planning. However, it doesn’t give municipalities their planning power back, which was taken away with the Green Energy Act, or the right to veto energy generation projects that don’t meet their approval.

“This is another ploy from the government to change the channel, and provide a distraction from their failed energy schemes,” said Thompson. “The fact is these ‘energy plans’ will not allow the municipalities full autonomy to deliver on these energy plans, because the Liberal government can still come in and site projects where they want to without municipal approval.”

This will also mean nothing for the 64 municipalities who have declared themselves as unwilling host communities for industrial wind projects.

“This Liberal government is wrong if they think that municipalities don’t see through this,” said Thompson.

At this week’s Association of Municipalities (AMO) convention in Ottawa, Thompson encouraged the 64 municipalities who have declared themselves as unwilling hosts to continue fighting on behalf of their constituents.

“Myself, the Ontario PC Caucus, and our Leader Tim Hudak will continue to stand on the side of municipalities, and respect their wishes and that of their constituents,” said Thompson.

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