Same Old, Same Old on Liberal Samsung Announcement: MPP Thompson

(Queen’s Park) —Today the Minister of Energy announced that the Liberal government has re-negotiated the Samsung deal—but it still doesn’t look good for Ontario ratepayers.

The Minister announced that instead of paying $9 billion to the Korean consortium Samsung, the deal has been re-negotiated to $6 billion. That means that the province is paying $6 million for 900 short-term jobs created by Samsung—a sharp contrast to the predicted 16,000 jobs that the Samsung deal was supposed to be bringing to Ontario.

“Kathleen Wynne is continuing the same failed energy policy of Dalton McGuinty,” said Lisa Thompson, MPP (Huron-Bruce). “We are in the midst of a jobs and economic crisis and this government is still giving Samsung $6 billion to create a maximum of 900 temporary manufacturing jobs? Where is the return on investment on that?”

When the Minister was asked if the government was moving away from wind energy he refused to answer. He also couldn’t explain how much Samsung is being paid per kilowatt hour to produce energy in Ontario, nor could he explain how the government came to their touted $24 figure for savings on future energy bills.

“This is further proof that the Liberal green energy scheme has failed yet again,” said Thompson.  “This is another case where the Liberal government moved forward to hard and too fast and is now backtracking—at a huge cost to the taxpayers. The PC’s wouldn’t have signed the untendered Samsung deal to begin with.”

The Minister said that future wind energy deals with Samsung will have to seek municipal approval going forward. Thompson says that this does nothing for municipalities like Kincardine, who are facing an onslaught of Samsung wind turbines.

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