Pressure Makes Liberals Backtrack on Manufacturing Rule

(Queen’s Park)—The Liberal Government tried to repeal a provision which would compel manufacturers to hire an engineer to approve slight modifications to stationary machinery, but pressure from the PC’s and the manufacturing sector forced them to back down.

It’s called the “Industrial Exception” and allows some engineering work to be done on fixed machinery or equipment by employees. If the industrial exception would have been repealed, then any modification, no matter how slight would have to be approved by a professional engineer.

Lisa Thompson, MPP (Huron-Bruce) wrote to manufacturers in Huron-Bruce to make them aware that the Liberals were making this change, which could cost them thousands of dollars per year in extra fees.

“The Liberal Government finally saw the light on this issue,” said Thompson. “We cannot afford to be placing more added costs onto the manufacturing sector, and it would have had a negative impact on jobs and the economy. Right now we need to be creating policies that stimulate economic growth and jobs—not hinder it.”

Thompson heard back from many businesses she wrote to that were unaware these changes had happened. It was clear that the Liberal government was trying to repeal the industrial exception without consulting with the manufacturing sector or informing them of the change.

“When I found out there was no consultation or distribution of information on this issue, I wanted to ensure businesses in my riding were aware” said Thompson.

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