Thompson Slams Government

(Queen’s Park) —Today, Lisa Thompson, MPP (Huron-Bruce) had the opportunity to question the Premier on comments she made in the media regarding last week’s announcement from the Minister of Energy.

Last week in Niagara Falls, the Minister of Energy announced that the Liberal government would be giving municipalities “more say” in renewable energy projects going forward. But two days later, when media spoke to the Premier to see if communities who declared themselves “unwilling hosts” of industrial wind turbines would be considered under this announcement, the Premier said they were “likely out of luck.”

“The Premier’s statement proves that this was a nothing announcement,” said Thompson. “Her comments towards rural Ontario municipalities are downright offensive, and she should be ashamed and issue an apology. This announcement also does nothing to solve the current problems, and help the municipalities and communities impacted by renewable energy projects, particularly wind turbines. ”

The Premier refused to answer the question. Instead she punted the question to the Minister of Energy to answer, who refused to speak about unwilling host communities that are “out of luck.” Thompson also repeated her calls to be a part of the Premier’s appointed working group which is to report on industrial wind turbines in rural Ontario, but the Minister refused to answer.

“If this Premier and this government thought they could fool rural Ontario communities with last week’s announcement that means nothing for them, they are sorely mistaken,” said Thompson. “They say they underwent extensive consultations before they made this announcement—but I know not a single municipality in Huron-Bruce heard from anyone. If the Liberals were actually serious about this issue they would invite members of the opposition to their working group. Unfortunately, it appears they are not.”

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