MPP Thompson: “The Devil Will Be in the Details”

(Queen’s Park) —Today the Minister of Energy announced that the Liberal government would be scrapping their controversial, unaffordable FIT program, and giving municipalities “more say” in renewable energy projects going forward.

Lisa Thompson, MPP (Huron-Bruce), PC Deputy Critic for Energy who focuses on the Green Energy Act has been calling for this since being elected 18 months ago. Thompson has worked hard to hold the Liberals to account for their ill-conceived green energy plan.

“The devil will be in the details,” said Thompson. “This is another case where the Liberal government moved forward to hard and too fast and is now backtracking—at a huge cost to the taxpayers. This announcement also does nothing to solve the current problems, and help the municipalities and communities impacted by renewable energy projects, particularly wind turbines.”

Thompson will seek to get more answers and clarification about today’s announcement, but is adamant that today’s announcement is too little too late.

Thompson will be asking the Minister if they will be specifically repealing Schedule K of the Green Energy Act, which gives municipalities their planning control back. Cancelling the FIT program and giving municipalities a full veto in renewable energy projects are key planks of the PC’s Paths to Prosperity on Affordable Energy.

“There are still many more questions to be answered,” said Thompson. “If the Liberals were actually serious about this they would have passed my Ensuring Affordable Energy Act last month so we could get to work on repairing the damage they created. I am proud of all the hard work the PC’s have done to lobby on behalf of municipalities and concerned citizens—and this is not the end. The Minister should know I am watching this very closely to ensure the Liberals have not created another smokescreen.”

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