Thompson Asks Minister to Participate in Wind Turbine Working Group

(Queen’s Park) —Today during Question Period, Lisa Thompson, MPP (Huron-Bruce) questioned the Minister of Energy on the firsthand experience the Ministers of Rural Affairs, Environment and Municipal Affairs and Housing have dealing with industrial wind turbines in their ridings.

The Minister of Energy announced that along with himself the Ministers of Rural Affairs, Environment and Municipal Affairs and Housing are part of a working group to deal with the opposition to the siting of industrial wind turbines across rural Ontario.

“I question the firsthand perspective that this working group will have, considering all of the Ministers in the group do not have wind turbines in their communities, and have not had to deal with the vast number of issues like myself and my colleagues have,” said Thompson.

Thompson requested that the Minister of Energy include members of the Opposition who already deal with industrial wind turbines on a daily basis in the working group. Thompson also asked that construction on wind turbines be halted; at least until the findings of the working group are presented to the House. The Minister refused to address these important requests.

“If the government finally recognizes there is a problem with the siting, then they cannot with good conscience allow wind turbine construction to continue,” said Thompson. “If the Premier truly wants to work together with opposition—and not just the NDP’s—in this minority Parliament, then they will include opposition members in this group and halt construction immediately.”

As an example, the citing of Samsung wind turbines in Kincardine will have a grave effect on the municipality’s airport. Samsung was informed from the beginning that Kincardine wanted to avoid any impacts on their airport. A year ago, NavCanada sent Samsung a recommended area around the approach to avoid, and Samsung chose to disregard this information and did not reveal these recommendations to Council.

“Citing issues like this cannot continue and we need to halt construction until all of the issues like these can be resolved,” said Thompson.

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