Liberal, NDP Coalition Budget Puts Ontario in Deeper Debt

(Queen’s Park) —Today the Liberal Government tabled their 2013 budget, full of NDP policies meant to woo the NDP to keep the Liberal Government afloat in this minority parliament.

The Wynne Government budget caters to the demands of the NDP, instead of addressing the fiscal burden they have created, and helping families who are looking for relief on their household expenses. Today’s Liberal/NDP budget will increase taxes and spending and place the cost for the cancellation of the Oakville and Mississauga power plants, projecting to be at least $585 million square on the backs of taxpayers.

“It is extraordinary what this government will do to retain power,” said Lisa Thompson, MPP (Huron-Bruce). “Premier Wynne is so desperate to hang on to this minority government that she has teamed up with the NDP and given in to their every demand. Today’s budget proved that this government has no real plan to balance the budget and get Ontario moving again—they just want to hang on to every bit of power they can.”

“The NDP is not much better,” said Thompson. “Every day in Question Period the NDP stand up to ridicule the government on the costly cancellations of the Oakville and Mississauga gas plants—yet they are willing to vote in favour of this government’s budget so they can continue to govern and spend recklessly. It is clear that the PCs are the only party standing up for what Ontario deserves—a strong, fiscally responsible government that puts the needs of Ontario families first.”

“The Liberals have proved that their priorities are all wrong,” said Thompson. “They have awarded a $45 million subsidy to the music industry, instead of investing in necessities like front-line health care. The PC party is the only party putting forth meaningful ideas to rein in spending and stimulate the economy. We have a plan to move Ontario forward.”

The PC’s put forward their own motion of non-confidence in the Wynne Government earlier this week—citing the gross misspending of the power plant cancellations and the ORNGE scandal as reasons this government could no longer be supported. The NDP and Liberals refused to call this motion to the floor.

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