Gas Plant Scandals Leave Ontarians with No Confidence in the Liberal Government

Gas Plant Scandals Leave Ontarians with No Confidence in the Liberal Government

(Queen’s Park)—Yesterday, the Progressive Conservatives tabled their Want of Confidence motion, stating that the House no longer has confidence in the Liberal Government.

The Liberal Government has been putting their party ahead of the needs of all of Ontario for some time now, but the confidence motion is triggered by the latest scandals at ORNGE and the Mississauga and Oakville gas plant cancellations.

“The message is clear,” said Thompson. “This current government is only capable of making decisions that benefit them politically. I have been hearing from people in my riding of Huron-Bruce that are fed up with the spending scandals within this Liberal Government—they are tired and have no confidence that this government knows how to spend responsibly and do what is right. “

“We know the Liberals are so desperate to protect their Party that they’ll stop at nothing to avoid accountability,” said Thompson. “We owe it to Ontarians to have a vote in the Legislature to see if the Liberals have the confidence of the people. We hope the NDP will agree with us.”

The Auditor General reported two weeks ago that the cost of the Mississauga gas plant cancellation will come in at $275 million, $85 million more than the Liberals had stated. The President of the Ontario Power Authority, when giving his deputation in the Justice Committee today said that the cost of cancelling the Oakville gas plant will come in around $310 million; eight times more than what the Liberals originally told the public.

The Ontario PCs have started an online petition to give taxpayers a chance to have their say. Ontarians can visit to add their name to the list with others who have lost confidence in the McGuinty-Wynne Liberals and want this motion to be heard.

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