Liberals, NDP Join Together to Defeat Affordable Energy Bill

(Queen’s Park) —Today, the Liberal and NDP’s worked together to vote down an important bill put forth by Lisa Thompson, MPP (Huron-Bruce) and the Ontario PC’s to ensure affordable energy prices, municipal autonomy and environmental protection.

Thompson debated the Ensuring Affordable Energy Act, a comprehensive bill that would have ensured municipalities received their planning powers for renewable energy back; that the cost per kilowatt hour of wind energy would line up with other sources of generation; the costly feed-in tariff (FIT) program would be eliminated; and the Niagara Escarpment and the Oak Ridges Moraine would be protected from wind turbines.

“By not supporting this bill the Liberals and NDP together showed that even though in rural communities they say they support municipal autonomy and affordable energy—in fact they don’t,” said Thompson. “It is simple—their words do not match their actions. It’s time—since we have an excess energy supply, that we sit down at the table and take a serious look at energy policy.”

“The NDP and Liberals could have supported the bill to at least get it into committee where all three parties could have put their political stripes aside and worked together on a thoughtful affordable energy plan where municipalities could have their say,” said Thompson.

According to the Fraser Institute Report released last week, the planned expansion of wind energy under the Green Energy Act is highly cost-inefficient and will, if pursued, raise the costs to provincial households another 40-50%.

“Ontario families and businesses cannot wait any longer for this government to move on an affordable energy strategy,” said Thompson. “Just this week a business owner in Walkerton contacted me to ask when energy rate relief was coming—and that he cringes at opening his power bill every month. It is shameful that this Liberal-NDP coalition worked together to hinder business development and success.”

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