Thompson Questions Premier on Scathing Fraser Institute Report on Wind Energy

(Queen’s Park)—MPP Lisa Thompson (Huron-Bruce) today told the Liberal Premier that the facts are not on her side when it comes to wind energy.

Another report was issued today, this time from the Fraser Institute, Canada’s premier public policy institute called “Environmental and Economic Consequences of Ontario’s Green Energy Act”. The report ripped the Liberal Government’s green energy plan saying it is uncosted, is a job killer and is not environmentally friendly.

“This is just one more report that is not on the side of the Liberal plan,” said Thompson. “Today’s report said that Ontario now has the highest energy rates in North America—with increases of 40-50% forecasted—completely unaffordable and is disastrous to our manufacturing sector.”

Key points from the Fraser Institute Report:

  • Wind turbines in Ontario are inefficient since the technology operates well below capacity, and tends to produce power when it is least needed, requiring it to be exported at a substantial loss
  • The planned expansion of wind energy under the GEA is highly cost-inefficient and will, raise the costs to provincial households another seven-fold
  • Ontario’s cities will have the most expensive power in North America
  • The GEA will not yield meaningful reductions in air pollution
  • The claim by the government of Ontario that 50,000 jobs will be created by the GEA was a guess without any basis in formal analysis, and the Province has since admitted both that the vast majority of any GEA-related jobs will be temporary and that the figure of 50,000 does not account for offsetting permanent job losses caused by increases in the price of electricity under the GEA
  • The manufacturing sector has been the hardest hit by the GEA as employment fell by 50%–but costs went up 29%.

“This report backs up everything that the PC’s have been saying since the Green Energy Act was introduced in 2009,” said Thompson. “It’s killing manufacturing, causing skyrocketing energy bills, the 50,000 promised jobs aren’t there—in fact—it’s a job killer. The Premier has said publicly that the Green Energy Act was implemented all wrong. Well she has a chance next week to vote for affordable energy, for community consultation with my Bill 39. The Premier needs to walk her talk.”

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