Quebec Bans Wind Turbines 2 KM From Homes—What About Ontario?

(Queen’s Park) —The Quebec government has passed legislation that bans wind turbines from being built within two kilometres of homes and within one kilometre of public roads.

The Quebec government has also protected agricultural fields, cultivated floodplains, and woodlands, as well as bike lanes from the presence of wind turbines. It also establishes the one kilometre distance between the turbines and environmentally protected areas, much like Lisa Thompson, MPP’s (Huron-Bruce) bill, the Ensuring Affordable Energy Act, which protects the Niagara Escarpment and Oak Ridges Moraine from wind turbines.

“This is a very interesting development,” said Thompson. “The Quebec government listened to the municipalities and citizens who were opposed to wind turbines so close to their homes, and they worked together to establish greater setbacks. This is a good example of a government working together with the people. Unlike what is currently happening in Ontario where Wynne’s Liberal government is forcing wind turbines on communities and taking away municipal autonomy in the process.”

“This shows that when provinces, municipalities and its citizens work together, reasonable outcomes can be had,” said Thompson. “Unlike here in Ontario, where citizens and municipalities have no voice, and are told by the province that ‘wind turbines are coming whether you like it or not.’ The Ontario PC Party has proved they are the only party willing to restore municipal planning authority here in Ontario, and stand up for the best interests of the citizens effected.”

Thompson’s Ensuring Affordable Energy Act will also restore municipal planning power for industrial wind turbines; give municipalities the ability to veto wind turbine projects; and cancel the unaffordable FIT program.

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