Thompson Again Tables Motions to Support Wind Turbine Moratorium

For Immediate Release

February 20, 2013

(Queen’s Park)—Today, on the first day of regular business since the Liberals prorogued the Ontario Legislature 127 days ago, Lisa Thompson, MPP (Huron-Bruce) again tabled four separate motions calling for a moratorium on further wind development in Ontario.

Thompson tabled these motions for the second time on September 10th, but they were erased from the record when Dalton McGuinty closed the Legislature doors. The motions call upon the government to suspend all industrial wind turbine development in the province of Ontario until the federal health study is complete and the results are published, an economic viability study, an environmental impact study, and social health study has been completed.

“So much has happened since I tabled my motions last fall,” said Thompson. “We have found out through FOI documents from the Ministry of Environment that this Liberal government has known for years that there are significant health impacts from industrial wind turbines, but turned a blind eye and told the environmental officers who discovered these impacts to stand down.”

In January, Thompson released FOI documents that proved environmental officers in the Guelph office had determined that there are health effects caused by industrial wind turbines, but the Liberal government directed them to “stand down.” Also these documents showed that the Chief Medical Officer of Health was directed to use the term “direct” when referring to the health effects of wind turbines, because there are “indirect” links. The Chief Medical Officer of Health was directed to “fess up to the annoyance link.” Even today in the Owen Sound Sun Times, it was reported that the Grey-Bruce Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Hazel Lynn, in her study of the indirect health effects of wind turbines, concluded that people are being effected by turbines.

“The evidence is on the side of a moratorium,” said Thompson. “The Liberal government cannot continue to say that there are no health impacts from wind turbines when we know that is not true, they are simply playing word games. Let’s pause, take a sober-second look at the Green Energy Act, and see how we can do better for the people of rural Ontario—because they deserve it.”

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