PC Caucus Releases Education White Paper


(Queen’s Park) – This week, the Ontario PC Caucus released Paths to Prosperity: Preparing Students for the Challenges of the Twenty-First Century, a white paper on Ontario’s education system.

“The future of our province is dependent upon the success of our youth,” said Lisa Thompson. “We must always encourage a culture of continuous improvement and cooperation in our schools. But most importantly, we must always put the needs of our students first.”

Thompson believes that Ontario’s teachers play a vital role. “The vast majority of teachers are caring and dedicated professionals, who just want to teach. They have the important task of providing our children with the skills and knowledge they will need, while fostering a love of learning that needs to be lifelong,” she added.

Some of the highlights of the white paper are:

  • Identifying the schools where students fail to meet province-wide test standards and re-investing more effectively in those schools to improve performance.
  • Producing well-rounded students, ready to deal with life. Schools need to do their part to give children the life skills to combat childhood obesity and handle the financial responsibilities that adulthood brings.
  • Working with principals, the College of Teachers, school boards, and federations to adopt a definition of the academic work day that reflects what teachers already do.
  • Delaying the expansion of full-day kindergarten until the budget is balanced and conducting a thorough review of the benefits achieved by the program so far before proceeding with a full rollout.
  • Starting a student safety protocol that begins with a comprehensive bill to deal with every aspect of the bullying problem.

Thompson stressed that the ideas in the white paper are not campaign commitments. “I’m proud of the series of white papers that the PC Caucus has released,” said Thompson. “These papers are discussion papers to engage Ontarians in a dialogue of how their province is run.”

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