New Study Links Wind Turbines with Health Problems

For Immediate Release

(Queen’s Park)—If you live near a wind farm, your health is at risk according to a new scientific study. A peer reviewed study has identified the noise level from wind turbines as an important public health issue, yet the Liberal government continues to ignore evidence of turbine related illness and push forward with wind farm development.

“This study confirms what we’ve been hearing from rural communities – there are negative health impacts from wind farms,” said Lisa Thompson, Huron-Bruce MPP and PC Deputy Critic for Energy. “It is the government’s job to keep Ontarians safe and the McGuinty Liberal government is risking the health of rural residents without having all the facts.”

Prior to the prorogation, Thompson introduced four separate motions calling for a moratorium on wind farm development until the full economic, social, environmental, and health impacts are understood. By proroguing the legislature, McGuinty stopped all business in the house and erased Thompson’s wind motions along with many others.

“While the house is prorogued, opposition MPPs have no formal mechanism to hold the government accountable,” said Thompson. “It’s about time for the Liberals to listen to rural voices and pause wind farm development until we fully understand all the effects.”

Instead of hitting pause, the McGuinty Liberals are expanding the much criticized feed-in tariff (FIT) program and preparing to award contracts for large projects in 2013. The FIT program subsidizes renewable energy producers, which drives up the cost of energy and many have complained about the lack of transparency in decisions to set subsidy rates and award contracts.

“Affordable energy is a cornerstone of economic growth. Tim Hudak and the PC Party will keep our promise to provide a dependable and affordable energy supply by cancelling the non-competitive FIT program,” said Thompson.

“The Liberals say they listened to the voters when they cancelled two gas power plants, so why are they ignoring rural voters?” asked Thompson. “The PC party is listening, and we will continue to voice Ontario’s concerns about wind power.”

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