McGuinty Prorogues Ontario Legislature in Wake of Huge Scandals

(Queen’s Park)—Last night while announcing his resignation, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty prorogued the Legislature for an unknown period of time.

McGuinty directed a search for the new Liberal Leader to begin immediately, but by proroguing the Legislature, McGuinty and his government are ducking out of their responsibilities to manage the growing fiscal mess, and to ensure that the Finance Committee studying the cancellation of the Mississauga and Oakville gas plants is not formed.

“The timing of his resignation and prorogation tells me there is more information to be found on the cancellation of the gas plants,” said Thompson. “McGuinty’s legacy will be one fraught with scandals, irresponsible spending, fiscal mismanagement, and secret deals. Proroguing the legislature is an irresponsible move, as we need to work to get Ontario back on track.”

McGuinty’s resignation comes as 20,000 new documents were released last Friday related to the cancellation of the Oakville and Mississauga power plants. By proroguing the legislature, McGuinty ensures that the motion of contempt against Energy Minister Chris Bentley is stalled and further probing into the matter ceases.

“Again, there has to be more to this story,” said Thompson. “The people of Ontario and here in Huron-Bruce deserve answers and by proroguing the Legislature, McGuinty is still trying to cover up his government’s scandals. His final move as Premier will be known as one of secrecy.”

McGuinty survived after promising to not raise taxes before immediately imposing a health premium soon after taking office—followed up with the HST, an eco-tax and a new trades tax, among others. The McGuinty Liberals were at the helm during eHealth scandal, the ongoing ORNGE scandal, the green energy disaster, all while turning Ontario into a have-not province. The two cancelled power plants proved to be the straws that broke McGuinty’s back.

“When the Legislature resumes the new leader will still have to answer to the opposition and come clean about what really happened with the gas plants,” says Thompson.

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