Thompson Speaks to Motion of Contempt Against Minister of Energy

(Queen’s Park)—Today, Lisa Thompson, MPP (Huron-Bruce) addressed the Ontario Legislature with her comments on the contempt motion against the Minister of Energy.

The contempt motion stems from the Minister of Energy failing to disclose all documents from the cancelled Oakville and Mississauga gas plants prior to the 2011 General Election. The Minister was to produce these documents in May, and when he refused the PC’s filed a motion to hold the Minister in contempt.

“While we received over 36,000 documents pertaining to the gas plants, there were over 2,000 pages that were obviously redacted,” said Thompson. “They failed to include correspondence from the Premiers Office and the Minister’s Office to Liberal campaign teams, when the Minister of Energy publicly admitted that this was a Liberal campaign decision. The Liberals are still hiding documents.”

In reviewing the documents, it is clear that the cancellation of the Oakville power plant will cost more than the $40 million the Liberals are quoted as saying. The documents proved that the cost to cancel the Oakville plant will be at least $450 million—all on the backs of taxpayers—for a combined total of $640 for the Mississauga and Oakville cancellations.

“This Liberal government ought to be ashamed,” said Thompson. “They have paid out $640 million for the seats of two cabinet ministers and three backbenchers—that’s a hefty price to pay. I know that the people of Huron-Bruce who visit my office would want to see that money go towards health care, long-term care beds, services for the disabled, or assisting low-income families with power bills. Instead this Liberal gaff will send power rates through the roof and not create a megawatt of power.”

“I am sincerely disappointed with the attitude the Liberals have over this matter,” said Thompson. “The Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing said yesterday in the Legislature that the gas plants were closed because they listened to the people of the community. Well I have three words for her: Industrial Wind Turbines.”

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