Huge Win for Ontario Men with Prostate Cancer

(Queen’s Park)—Today Lisa Thompson, MPP (Huron-Bruce) was pleased to learn that Zytiga, a drug to treat prostate cancer, which the McGuinty Government refused to fund, is now being placed on the approved drug list, and will be available to men beginning on September 28th.

Lisa first heard about Zytiga, a drug for men with stage-four prostate cancer which allows for a longer and more comfortable life expectancy from constituents expressing their frustration over the lack of accessibility to the drug in Ontario. She was also inspired by Percy Bedard of Zurich. Bedard, his family and friends started a campaign to have Zytiga funded inOntario, after being told by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care that they would not place it on their approved drug list. After hearing Percy’s story, and receiving many emails from men who need this drug, Thompson took up the fight with the Ontario Ombudsman, and asked his office to investigate the possible funding of Zytiga in Ontario. Thompson was pleased with his office’s quick response, as he assigned someone immediately to the case.

“This is a huge win for men all across Ontario who need Zytiga to help treat their stage four prostate cancer,” said Thompson. “Percy’s courageous story not only spurred me to do whatever I could to get this drug funded, but he has inspired all men battling prostate cancer and their families across Ontario. I am pleased that I was able to play a small part in getting this drug funded in Ontario.”

“I am thrilled and elated that the drug Zytiga will be available in Ontario,” said Bedard. “Not only will it give me more time with my friends and family, the best news is that men across Ontario will have the access they need to this drug. I want to thank everyone for all of their hard work helping myself and my family with this cause. My MPP, Lisa Thompson was on board from the beginning, and we appreciate her support and the support of everyone who came on board with their generous offers to help.”

“This is an incredible day for men across Ontario, whether they have prostate cancer or not,” said Thompson. “I am just so pleased that the right thing has finally been done.”

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