Minister of Energy Found in Contempt of Legislature

(Queen’s Park)—It is another dark day for the Minister of Energy—not only is he responsible for the $190 million Mississauga gas plant cancellation, the approximately $1 billion cancellation of the Oakville gas plant and numerous lawsuits stemming from onshore and offshore wind turbines—today he was been found in contempt of the Legislature.

The Minister of Energy was compelled via the Standing Committee on Estimates, which was reviewing the Ministry of Energy to produce all documents related to the cancellation of the Mississauga and Oakvillepower plants. The Minister refused to do so in the appropriate period of time. The issue was brought up in the Legislature and today the Speaker of the Legislature ruled that the Minister of Energy is in contempt of the House.

“This Minister and his Ministry cannot continue to think they are invincible,” said Lisa Thompson, MPP (Huron-Bruce). “The fact that the Minister has refused to table the documents related to the cancelled gas plants proves there is something to hide.Ontario taxpayers deserve to know what the Minister is hiding.”

Liberal Finance Minister Dwight Duncan admitted that the decision to cancel the power plant in Mississauga came after they saw they were behind in the polls in theMississaugaand Etobicoke areas. Now the taxpayers are on the hook for the $190 million for scrapping the project and moving it to Sarnia. Duncan admitted it was a Liberal campaign team idea that was not discussed by Cabinet.

“This Liberal Government and the Minister of Energy should be ashamed,” said Thompson. “To purposely hide things from us as Parliamentarians and Ontario taxpayers is wrong. This Liberal government has adopted a culture of mismanagement and hiding spending scandals—and this decision today further discredits this government and their ability to represent the people of this province. It is a sad day for Ontario.”

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